Istanbul’s Dynamic and Awe Inspiring Real Estate

Istanbul is one of the oldest cities on planet earth. With its habitation dating back to almost 650 BC, it is indeed one of the earliest major cities still in existence. With its sky scraping modern high rises to its medieval mosques and bazaars, Istanbul is absolutely one of the most significant historical cities on the planet. And also one of the most expansive and propitious!With some of the best examples in real estate and property management in Eurasia, Istanbul’s bright future, rich history, traditions and facets all combine to make this city an ideal place to invest in and making an own way of life. The climate here is absolutely Mediterranean with the blue waves of the Bosporus stretching across as you see the whole skyline of Istanbul. Visit the eastern side to get that glimpse of the old city so intricately carved by subsequent Ottoman sultans – from the Grand Bazaar to the several mosques that dot the cityscape, you name it all. On the contrary, the side to the west, crossing the strait and you face the modern, glittering and expansive version of 21st century Istanbul – huge, vibrant and industrious. Some of the best residential accommodations in Eurasia and around the Aegean are right here in Istanbul. And if that isn’t enough, then of course there is the Levant, the center of economic activity in Istanbul, home to sky reaching tall structures and offices of some of the major economic houses on the planet.Besides being such expansive, the city boasts of minimal amounts of pollution and chaos. The surrounding Mediterranean climate and the green cover inside the city and surrounding it ensures that wherever you’re visiting, the city will offer you clean air and clean water. It indeed is one experience to visit this beautiful city at the heart of the Mediterranean.Investment wise, the city is friendly with some of the best real estate property projects going on right now even as we speak and discuss. Districts like the Beylikduzu, Gunesli, Esenyurt constitute some of the finest areas Istanbul can offer for real estate and property investors. Either buy a residence or let it go for rent to have you earning thousands of dollars or buy it for own residence, the choice is equally rewarding and meaningful. Istanbul properties not only constitute residential flats but also office buildings and modern villas like those found at Esenyurt. Several Istanbul property agencies exist that deal with real estate in the city.