Brain Wave Technology For a Better You

Sit down and think about it. How smart are you? Forget about established educational systems and measuring tools. Do you know exactly how brainy are you? And this is just one aspect of your mental faculties. What about your creativity? You ability to retain and learn knowledge? What about things like rationale thought, mental focus, diligence, attentiveness and dealing with numbers? We go by day by day, without anyway of knowing how good we really are. I am not trying to instill a competitive environment into an already turbulent global environment – what I am trying to do is try to get the average consumer, the average person living in the world today to understand that they are meandering around the obstacles of life with a hefty dose of misinformation.

As people, I think it is very important to know at what level of capacity that we are operating in. Science has told us that the brain is an undiscovered phenomenon, with more than half of it unmapped and unexplained. One area of research into the brain has revealed that we are not using all of the talents that have been given to us. That is quite disturbing to know that we are not running at optimal capacity. All those years of going through school and work with only half a gas of tank? Something needed to be done and done quick and science and the personal development industry has stepped in and done quite a bit of work. What happened was that they decided that it was time that the average person had more control over the mind, especially their subconscious mind.

The discovery that the brain operates in different stages of brainwave frequencies was the first key to unlock the mystery of the mind. The second key was that each and every one of those frequency stages was associated with certain ultra states. They allowed us to think faster, be more focused, learn better, absorb even complex information or even allow us to beat stress and relax better. The applications were enormous and the medical industry really rode with it for a while – investigating the power of positive affirmation on healing and inducing the brain to improve immune systems and allow for the increased release of growth hormones.

The initial instruments that were used were quite convoluted and expensive, and the methods too complicated for normal, everyday use. It was only until much later than advancements in technology allowed for the development of subliminal CDs and binaural beats – technology that allowed people to reach into their mind and reprogramme themselves into better people. Brainwave technology and the ability to induce brainwaves in the cortical of the brain was a resounding success.

Testimonies lit their path on the internet and soon more and more people were using it to improve themselves to no end. Do not be left behind in the move towards self improvement – and it is as easy as plugging in your CD player and listening to music for 20 minutes. The embedded messages and sculptured frequency sounds will do the rest.

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